About the project

About the project

Our Chess Smarter Water Catchment project is tackling the issues that face the river and its catchment through partnership working.

The Chess Smarter Water Catchment project started in 2021 with the vision of making the River Chess catchment a jewel in the heart of the Chilterns landscape. Work is well underway to make this happen, protecting landscapes, enhancing habitats and improving water quality and flow. But there is plenty more to do over the 10-year term of the project.


Grants and funding opportunities

Land owners/managers and community groups in the Chess Valley may be eligible to apply for a grant to help with any water saving projects and or environmental improvements.

What is a Smarter Water Catchment?

To help protect and enhance the River Chess and its catchment, a pilot project – the Chess Smarter Water Catchment – is now underway.

Who we are

At the core of our smarter water catchment is a group of professionals who are passionate about water. We love studying it, protecting it and talking about it. We believe that together we can achieve more.

Get in touch

The Smarter Water Catchment initiative was designed to involve the local community in any way possible. Please do use the...

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