Grants and funding opportunities

Grants and funding opportunities

Land owners/managers and community groups in the Chess Valley may be eligible to apply for a grant to help with any water saving projects and or environmental improvements. Read on to see if you are eligible.

Landowner grants

Need funding support to deliver an environmentally focused project? 

Are you a landowner or land manager? Did you know as part of Smarter Water Catchments you could apply for a grant? From environmental surveys to funding support for project development from consultancy, all the way through to capital items, we would like to hear from you! 

Capital items can be natural landscape features, such as trees, hedgerows and ponds, or built features, such as fencing, water, infrastructure, buildings, machinery and equipment.

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Community grants 

Are you a community group working somewhere in the Chess Catchment looking to do something to help the River Chess catchment or reduce how much water you use use? If so you may be eligible for one of our community grants. 

Here in the Chilterns we are one of the highest consumers of water, with those not on meters using over 200 litres/person/day, dropping to around 150 litres where metering is in place. Here in the Chess Valley 97% of all water is used in our homes. 

The Community Grant Fund is looking to support local organisations, charities and groups, who are looking to address one or more of the six key theme of the Chess Water Catchment Pilot. 

Do you qualify?

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Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

Volunteering Hub

Have a look at all the volunteering opportunities that are available through our partner organisations around the Chilterns.
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Chilterns Chalk Streams Project

Learn about our flagship partnership project, committed to conserving our threatened chalk streams and the wildlife they hold.