Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Citizen-science volunteers are helping us collect evidence of the current condition of the River Chess, so we can work to improve it.


The River Chess and its catchment is a precious landscape and resource – important for both people and wildlife. It faces many pressures from over abstraction to habitat loss, climate change to development. But there are lots of ways that we can all help to turn these challenges into opportunities, helping nature’s recovery and preserving our important natural resources.

We can all make a difference to the river, whether it’s in a big or small way. From adjusting how we use water to undertaking practical work to protect the river, collective action can help protect and enhance the catchment that we value.

Citizen science surveys

Water quality surveys

Our citizen scientists have been collecting important water quality data to help us understand where improvements could be made.

Ecology surveys

Biodiversity is a key indicator of environmental health; our citizen scientists are helping us monitor species abundances and improve habitat quality in the Chess catchment.

Practical conservation

Citizen science surveys are providing an evidence-based approach to the success of our practical conservation approaches throughout the Chess catchment.

Upcoming Events

Chilterns ANOB

Chess Citizen Science Presentation Evening

  • Wed 22nd November
  • 18:30

We are pleased to announce that our special annual evening...

Chilterns ANOB

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The Smarter Water Catchment initiative was designed to involve the local community in any way possible.

Contact our Citizen Science Coordinator, Hannah, to ask any questions, make suggestions or leave comments about our citizen science surveys throughout the Chess catchment.

Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

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Chilterns ANOB

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