Farming in the Chess Catchment

Farming in the Chess Catchment

Located in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, the Chess Valley is known for its rich agricultural heritage.

Farming sustainably

The CSWC is passionate about promoting sustainable and responsible farming practices that not only ensure high-quality produce but also preserve the natural beauty of the valley and enhance, extend and increase wildlife habitat. Our farming adviser, Harriet, serves as a hub of information, connecting farmers, specialists, enthusiasts, and the local community.

Understanding the importance of adapting farming practices to the local climate and soil conditions will be critical to insure multiple benefits. By implementing sustainable farming practices, farmers can collectively contribute to improving water quality, protecting aquatic ecosystems, and ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture.

Developing farm clusters

Connecting with farmers in the Chess Valley through our forums and discussion boards; we are developing farm clusters within the catchment, building on the success of the Central Chilterns Cluster, Christmas Common Cluster and Northern Chilterns Cluster – three clusters currently operating with the Chilterns.  

What does a cluster aim to achieve? 

By bringing together farmers within specific geographic locations this will enable farmers to share experiences, exchange tips, and collaborate on innovative farming methods that are suitable for the region. Our platform aims to foster a sense of community and support amongst farmers, creating a network of knowledge-sharing and mutual growth. 

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, the Chess Valley Farm Cluster is here to support you on your farming journey. We are dedicated to providing resources and support to farmers who prioritise water conservation and environmental stewardship.  

Chilterns ANOB

A meeting of the Chess Valley Farm Cluster

Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

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