Citizen science portal

Citizen science portal

We’ve designed and created a portal for our citizen scientists to access anything they might need to help with surveys, all in one place.

Chess citizen science portal

Our citizen science portal has been designed to provide functionality for our volunteers and staff involved in Chess citizen science, providing benefits all round.

Chilterns ANOB

There are separate pages for each citizen science activity, where those involved in the surveys can:

  • View map of survey locations per activity
  • Add their volunteer hours (useful for our reporting)
  • Discuss meeting times/places in the chat function (GDPR respective)
  • Add images to discussion chats to report issues or interesting finds
  • Download survey guides/sheets, risk assessments, site maps, etc
  • Find links to data upload locations
  • Book onto training courses/events through an ‘Events’ page
  • Read brief news updates via internal ‘News’ posts

To ensure that our citizen scientists are able to use the portal as easily as possible, we will be making updates to the citizen science portal in summer 2024, including creation of a progressive web app to provide push notifications to mobile phones/tablets, amongst many other improvements.

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Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

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Chilterns ANOB

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